Western Adventure

hey, everyone!
guess who's been to California!!
we returned from our adventure August 5th.
So, the vacation began July 25th when we made the 3 hour car ride to the airport. Then, at 8:31 pm, our plane took off to begin a 4.5 hour plane ride to fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada! Once we arrived, we hurriedly grabbed our bags and headed to the car rental place. We arrived there around 11 pm Pacific Time, and didn't get to leave until almost 1 AM. Not. Fun.
After that fiasco was completed, we headed to our hotel, the Wyndham Desert Blue, which I fell in love with.
We slept there (for like..3 hours) and then began our day in Vegas.
I fell in love with Vegas. All the sights, sounds, themes, chaos-it's really an amazing place.
But soon our magical day came to a half, and the next day, we packed our bags and headed to Tulare, California. (California!!!)
The 5 hour car ride through the desert wasn't the greatest, but it was worth it when we saw what was awaiting us.
We stayed at a hotel in Tulare so we could travel to Seqouia National Park to see the giant trees.
It. Was. So. Cool.
After that day was over, we packed our bags yet again and headed for beautiful Ventura Beach.
I was a bit disappointed when we arrived in Ventura. The weather was terrible-cloudy and cold, not exactly ideal for a day on the beach. Although, it is a very pretty place.
Once more,  we rounded up our stuff and headed to a hotel in Agoura Hills-just 25 minutes from Los Angeles, CA!!
Los Angeles is beautiful, let me tell you. I've never seen anything quite like Hollywood before.
And after those lovely days were ore, we commenced back to Henderson (just outside of Vegas) and flew home.
•finding other tourists from PA (not many)
•my mom going on the price is right (!!!!!)
•seeing The Grove
•looking at a girl whom I think might have been Kristen Hancher
•driving into Vegas for the first time (1 am) and seeing all the lights
•taking off during the sunset
•lots of nice people (cashiers are so sweet here!)
•snapchat geofilters!!!
•we had to walk through a casino to get to our next destination (we don't gamble/believe in it so it was a bit odd for us) and I got told that "she has to leave if she's under 21" when we were just passing thoigh hahahah
okay, so there weren't a lot of funny moments that I can think of. oops.😂
my favorite thing: it's really hard to decide, but I just can't get over Las Vegas.
highest recorded tempature: 112 degrees Fahrenheit (hot! hot! hot!)
miles traveled: A LOT
type of rental car: a 2017 Chevy Malibu! (mostly worth the long wait)
I'm extremely thankful to God that we were able to go on this trip. It's amazing to see all the beautiful sights He's created, glory to Him!!

Photos from Hollywood/Los Angeles, CA:

Photos from Ventura, CA:

Photos from Seqouia/Tulare:

Photos from Las Vegas:

*all photos are taken by me and are my property*
Thanks everyone for bearing with me in learning about my 2017 vacation. Hope you enjoyed! Don't forget to leave some thoughts below :)


summer pics

hey, lovelies!
how has everyone been? love to hear some updates about everyone in the comment section!
I seriously want to apologize for being internet-dead. I feel like every post I make is an apology post anymore..but regardless, I'm super sorry, girls!!

Happy almost Independence Day!! *cheers*
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Anyways, how has everyones' summer been going so far?
I've been having a good one, which is why I want to share some photography with you that I've done recently. Hopefully you enjoy!! :) 

you may notice a few of these photos were taken at the beach. I did spend some time at Ocean City, Maryland earlier this month. 
& later this summer, I'm packing up and heading to...LA! I'm beyond excited for this Cali trip and I hope to share some pictures of that too. 
Thank you all for being such amazing followers!

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