summer pics

hey, lovelies!
how has everyone been? love to hear some updates about everyone in the comment section!
I seriously want to apologize for being internet-dead. I feel like every post I make is an apology post anymore..but regardless, I'm super sorry, girls!!

Happy almost Independence Day!! *cheers*
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Anyways, how has everyones' summer been going so far?
I've been having a good one, which is why I want to share some photography with you that I've done recently. Hopefully you enjoy!! :) 

you may notice a few of these photos were taken at the beach. I did spend some time at Ocean City, Maryland earlier this month. 
& later this summer, I'm packing up and heading to...LA! I'm beyond excited for this Cali trip and I hope to share some pictures of that too. 
Thank you all for being such amazing followers!

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Light of the World\\Bible Chat

hey guys! welcome to actually my 2nd post titled "light of the world".
I just wanted to chat with all of you a little bit about a message I believe God has been sending to me lately.
First off, I want to ask-how many of you go to public school like I do? If you do, this post may be a tad bit more relatable?
Anyways, in honor of the new year, my church picked a theme for this year, and I was shocked to see that our new theme is "Light of the World". I cannot even describe the feeling seeing MY blog name plastered all over the sanctuary. It was an immense feeling of complete joy-I almost felt like I had just found my purpose, which in a way I did. To be the light of the world, to be the light in the midst of someone's darkness.
      Since it's relatable to this post, I'd like to mention the Bible verse Matthew 5:14.
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isn't this crazy? just think for a moment. Here I am, a girl who's had a blog with this title for months now, and all of a sudden its hit home. I am so joyful.

                                               There is something important to be noticed
                                                within this verse...

Notice that it states, "YOU' are the light of the world. Not he, not she, not Bob, YOU.        
Jesus is calling us. Will you answer?