Saige (3 in 1)

Guys. Guyssssss. I have not been on in a while.
And that would be because I have welcomed a new dog into my life!
Little Saige is a 3 year old rescue. We believe she is probably a Chihuahua terrier mix. She is very shy and loving.

And, you have probably noticed the new design!! Morning did it for me and I love it!

Alsooo, my giveaway has ended! The winner isssss.......................

Bethany! Congratulations! Please check your email.

Hope you have a great day! here's a couple pictures of Saige for you.


  1. Aw... He's SO cute!!! We have a dog but it's a big one that has to stay outside. :(

    Congratulations Bethany!!!!!

    1. Thank you! Aww :( my mom said she would have to stay in our basement, but now she's all over the house! :)