Solve this Riddle Tag


I was nominated by the totally amazing Trinity to do the Solve this Riddle tag! Thanks girl!

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So, here's Trinity's riddles for me:

  • What is so delicate that even mentioning it breaks it?- uhhhh....IDK!!
  • What loses its head in the morning and gets it back in the night? idk
  • What two things can you never eat for breakfast? Lunch and dinner. yay!
  • What goes up, let's out a load, then goes back down? THIS IS HARD IDK
  • During what month do people sleep the least? March because they're marching????

    Now, my riddles for you:

    How far can a dog run into the woods?
    If an American plane crashes in Canada, where should they bury the survivors?
    What can you put in a barrel of root beer to make it lighter?
    You answer me but I never ask anything. What am I?
    A cowboy left town on Friday and came back 3 days later on Friday, how is that possible?

    I nominate:


    1. LOL! You just had to, didn't you?! Oh gosh, ROFL!

      -Trinity from lordsgirls.blogspot.com

      1. Hahahahahaha!! :) I couldn't resist!

    2. Thanks Soph! Btw, it might take me a while to post it cuz of moving, but I will try to get it done!