I'm not one to obsess over what the Pretty Committee is wearing, but there are a few things "the cool girls" are wearing that I think is cute.

I'm here to share a few modest trends that I think you'll love.

Take a look:
(all pictures via pinterest)

Dude. Sweaters, I love them! #sweatersof2k15
Anyway, my school is freezing freezing cold, so we're all wearing long sleeves when it's 80some degrees outside. But anyway I love this outfit!

Infinity scarves. So adorable!
I love this outfit & I think the others at school would approve.
(not that that matters. Be yourself!)

What's up with all the vans and converses lately?
Don't know, but I would love me a pair!!

Messy buns! Very cute, but I can't seem to get the hang of it & I can't stand wearing them loose.

Combat boots w leggings. Got a pair last winter. LOVE em!

Vera Bradley backpacks & lunch boxes, etc. I actually have this exact one. Love it, but doesn't seem too high quality. Praying it won't break on me. :)

And finally, Aztec leggings. I like these if they didn't show so much, if you know what I mean.
I got a similar pair that is better about that.
Love the hoodie!

Alright, that's enough for now! Have a great day & enjoy the rest of your week!
Stay gorgeous! (I need a catch phrase)


  1. so many adorable outfits - though honestly i enjoy a tshirt and jeans better any day... haha :)


  2. These outfits are really cute!! :)