Musically Praising

Hey guys! Long time no post. Sorry about that.
I know when I first discovered that there was a world of Christian music outside of hymns, I was stumped at first on who and what exactly to listen to. I thought that you guys might have the same problem, or you might just be looking for some new music to listen to. Either way, I think you should listen to a few of these songs at least. I know they've encouraged me and I'm hoping they'll work on you too! :)

In no specific order...

-Greater by Mercyme-
*Day One by Matthew West*
-He Knows My Name by Francesca Battistelli-
*Write your Story by Francesca Battistelli*
-Impossible by Building 429-
*Run to Jesus by Francesca Battistelli*
-You Are Everything by Matthew West-
*Keeping Score by Francesca Battistelli*
-Grace Wins by Matthew West-
*King of My Heart by Love and The Outcome*
-My Heart is Yours by Passion-
*Same Power by Jeremy Camp*
-The Way by Jeremy Camp-
*We are the Dreamers by Jeremy Camp*
-Here I am to Worship by Jeremy Camp-
*I will Follow by Chris Tomlin*
-I will Rise by Chris tomlin-
*This is the Stuff by Francesca Battistelli*
Just to name a few!
Have a good day all! ;)

Pics via pinterest :)

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  1. I love those songs! I actually just made an edit to the same pic as you did, the second one.