how to appear as a boss photographer

hello there.
smile! *snaps 5,000 pictures*
welcome to your first photography lesson. this one's for the scrapbook! *snap*

I've decided to start a series entitled "how to appear as". I'm going to post tips on how you can become better at a certain activity..so....here we go!

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~to make your pictures turn out clearly, don't stand at an angle. your phone/camera focuses more if you are standing straight on.

~if you're trying to look like a great photographer, don't take a selfie. please. unless you really want to. also- don't have earbuds dangling from your cell phone while taking a picture. it makes you look non-professional and, believe it or not, it can affect your picture quality.

~if you are taking a picture of someone and not something, make sure they are holding completely still first. I know this is sometimes difficult with small children or dogs, but for the end product it's completely worth it. it's awkward to have to take 5,000 pictures of the same people because you snap the pic before they are completely still.

I hope you found these tips helpful! as you can tell, I'm very into photography.
Stay turned for more posts!

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