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        Anyone else completely shell-shocked about the outcome of this year's election?
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I'm personally a big fan of politics and I've been following the news about this year's election. I'm sure I'm speaking for many of you when I say it was one of the most...exciting elections in American history.

so, many of you may be wanting to ask....Sophia, which candidate did you support? Are you happy with the outcome?
That's where the reaction part of this post comes into play.

I live in a county where everyone is extremely hardcore Trump fans. Like..you literally cannot throw a stick without hitting a 
Make America Great Again 2016" yard sign.

School is beyond crazy with all the "Build the wall!' Trumpness. 

And I admit, it got old quickly. bu I'll tell you, I'm very pleased with this election's result. I wished I could vote for Donald.

I only stayed up until about 10:30 watching the news on election night. How late did any of you guys stay up? I thought for sure she was going to beat him, but I'm happy she didn't.

I personally don't even like Donald. I liked Ted Cruz-but I guess you take what you can get, right? 

What did all of you guys think about this election? It was definitely interesting! 
Please stay tuned for a tumblr post on here a little later && drop some comments below about your favorite presidential candidate! 
Don't forget to thank a vet.

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